Assessment Payments

What is my Assessment Rate?

Payments are due quarterly on the 1st of September, December, March and June.  Quarterly statements are mailed out the first of the month prior to the month they are due.

See the Assessment Rates Roster for payment information according to street and subdivision and for the standard payment amount charged quarterly.

How is the rate established?

Assessments are established each year by the Board of Directors as part of their approval of the Association annual budget. 

The budget is published in the bi-monthly magazine, Lake Ridge Today each July for the upcoming fiscal year

How do I Make a Payment?

The Association strives to make its processes as convenient as possible for Homeowners to navigate. Assessment fees can be paid any of the following ways:  

1) Online: 
Owner Portal
- Credit/Debit Card
- E-Check
Credit/Debit Card: A 3.5% processing fee will be added to the final payment amount.
E-check: A $2 processing fee will be added to the final payment amount.
For all payments over $2,000 a 1% processing fee will be added to the final payment amount.
2) Mail- Check
- Money Order
Send check or money order with statement, labeling with your account number, property address and phone number, to the address listed. Be sure to mail early enough to arrive by the due date:
Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation Association Inc.
PO Box 1592
New York, NY 10008-1592
3) Bill Pay
Pay through your financial institution. NOTE: Your bank may not send payments electronically and you must ensure the amount is the correct assessment amount.

Login into the Owner Portal to ensure that your information is correct: mailing/billing address, ACH Draft account number, email and contact phone number. 

Contact the Association office at 703-491-2154 if you have any questions regarding your account balance.

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What Additional Fees are applied?

Late Fees

The Board of Directors approved amendments to the Assessment Collection Rule. This rule, originally approved April 19, 2005, authorizes the charging of late fees. A copy of the amended Assessment Collection Rule can be viewed by following this link, or you may request a copy by email or by calling the office at (703) 491-2154.

Returned Payments

There is a $50 fee charged for each returned payment.