The Association Covenants Department works closely with the Architectural Committee (AC) to coordinate review of applications for architectural changes as well as implementing the process to ensure compliance with guidelines and property maintenance standards.

It is the duty of the AC to consider and act upon proposals or plans for exterior alterations, to adopt AC rules known as Architectural Guidelines (PDF), to perform other duties delegated to it by the Board and to carry out all other duties assigned by Lake Ridge restrictions.

Article VIII of the Declaration establishes an Architectural Committee consisting of 3 regular (voting) members and 2 alternate (non-voting) members. Alternate members may review applications and participate in the meetings. In the absence of a regular (voting) member, voting rights will rotate between the alternate (non-voting) members. All AC members are appointed by the Board of Directors for a 3-year term, which is staggered.

Apply to volunteer on the AC by completing the Architectural Committee Volunteer Form.

The AC meets approximately 6 times a year to review appeals of architectural violations and applications for large projects, such as additions. The AC also reviews alterations that are not common or pre-existing in the neighborhood, are not in conformance with the Architectural Guidelines and are not architecturally and aesthetically appropriate for the architecture and color scheme of the lot. The meetings are open to the public and may be found on the Association's Meetings Calendar. Time is allotted at the beginning of the meeting for open comments.

Many proposed alterations may be reviewed by Covenants staff as directed by the AC. Owners may appeal architectural violations or a denial issued by staff with the AC. The appeal must be scheduled through the Covenants Department at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. A decision made at an AC meeting is final and may not be appealed, whether or not you attend the meeting.

Any change to the exterior appearance of a lot requires approval prior to the alteration. This includes alterations in the yard and window replacements as well as any other exterior alteration. If an element, such as a roof, is being replaced, approval is needed unless the replacement will exactly match the existing element in appearance, dimensions, color and material. Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines for more information.

Applications for exterior alterations should be submitted to the Covenants Department. An Exterior Alteration Request Form (PDF) must be completed and submitted to the Association office, by email or fax to 703-497-7145 with supporting documentation that explains the proposed alteration. Any color changes will require submission of a color sample and many alterations, such as fences, also require submission of a plat with the alteration clearly marked on the plat. The purpose of the documentation is to thoroughly explain your proposal.

Once a request is received, Covenants staff will inspect the property and take photos for use during the review of the proposed alteration.