Tenant Registration

NOTE: Membership Cards (Pool Passes) must be requested separately via the Membership Request Form after Tenant Registration is completed. See Question 3 below.

1.  What is Tenant Registration?

The Tenant Registration Resolution was adopted by the LRPRA Board of Directors in October 2018. The Resolution requires the Property Owner to provide the Association with the names and contact information of Tenants and authorized occupants, according to the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act.

Part of this process involves delegation of Amenities right of use either to Tenants OR kept for use of Property Owner. Tenant Registration is recommended to be completed before pool season as it is required in order to access amenities including our pools, spray ground, tennis courts, boat ramp and community centers.

If there has been a change and you as the Property Owner have moved back into the property, please submit an Account Status Change Form to update your billing address and contact information.

2.  How do i register my Tenants?

Submit the following by email to recreation@lakeridgeva.com with card payment to 703-491-2154 ($1.80 convenience fee), by mail or by drop-off with check or money order to the Administration Office drop box by the door:

  1. Tenant Registration Form (PDF) – Owner & Tenant info, delegation of Amenities right of use, Owner signature
  2. Lease Agreement – current, Owner & Tenant signatures
  3. $50.00 Administration Fee – payable to “LRPRA”

Only those names listed on the Tenant Registration Form can gain access to amenities, so be sure to clarify ALL occupants, including children, before submitting to avoid additional registrations and administration fees.

Property Management CompaniesBefore registering Tenants on behalf of a Property Owner, a PMA (Property Management Agreement) must first be emailed to finance@lakeridgeva.com to be notated on the account.

3.  How do i / my Tenants access amenities after registration?

Once Tenant Registration is completed, the party that has been designated Amenities right of use is eligible to access the Pools using Membership Cards (Pool Passes), requesting them via the Membership Request Form

  • Property Owners can request Membership Cards as long as they have kept Amenities right of use and the property is in good standing. This means that the property has a zero account balance including June 1st assessment and the property has no unresolved property violations.
  • Tenants can request Membership Cards as long as they have been given Amenities right of use, the property is in good standing and an up-to-date lease through the end of pool season (September) is on file. Leases can be updated at no additional charge by emailing an addendum to recreation@lakeridgeva.com.

Validation Stickers are required to be added to cards each year to indicate that the property is in good standing. These are sent in the mail to the appropriate party before pools open.

4.  What if i have new tenants since i last registered?

Each new set of Tenants that occupy a property must be registered with the Association. Follow the steps listed under Question 2 above.