Recreational Courts

Key Access

In order to access the gated Tennis Courts, a key is required. There is 1 key allotted per household. Requests must be made by a Homeowner or registered Tenant of the property who has been given right of use to amenities. Properties must also be in good standing (no outstanding account balances or open covenants violations). Allow 1-2 business days for requests to be fulfilled. Complete the following form:


Courts are available for use within the county noise ordinance time frame (see below). Please limit time to 30 minutes when someone is waiting to use the courts. See rules posted at the courts for more information.

Lit courts

A few of our courts are lit for community members to enjoy in the evening. Large light switches with a 1-hour timer are located next to the court entrances of those indicated in the list below. Allow time to cool down if switched off and on again.


Spread throughout the surrounding Lake Ridge neighborhoods are 3 tennis court locations.


Pickleball courts are lined over our tennis courts to provide multi-use functionality.

  • Ridgewood: Lit Court | 1 Court Lined | 6:00-8:00am + 4:30-10:00pm
  • Antietam: Lit Court | 3 Courts Lined | 6:00-8:00am + 4:30-10:00pm
    • Multi-Use: 2 Courts Unlined, B.Y.O net
  • Springwoods: 1 Court Lined | 6:00am - Dusk


Right next to the Antietam tennis courts in the same shape and size is a combination multi-use court, great for any sporting activity.

  • Antietam: Lit Court | 6:00-8:00am, 4:30-10:00pm


Located behind the Antietam tennis courts is our sand volleyball pit. Players need to provide the ball.

  • Antietam: Lit Court | 6:00-8:00am, 4:30-10:00pm


There are 12 basketball courts located throughout the community. Some are full courts and some half courts.

  • Antietam (Full) 6:00-8:00am, 4:30-10:00pm
  • Mohican (Full): 6:00am - Dusk
  • Deepford (Full): 6:00am - Dusk
  • McIntire (Half): 6:00am - Dusk
  • Amesbury (Half): 6:00am - Dusk
  • Drexel (Half): 6:00am - Dusk
  • Springwoods (Half): 6:00am - Dusk
  • Oakwood (Half): 6:00am - Dusk
  • Dulcinea (Half): 6:00am - Dusk
  • Spinnaker (Half): 6:00am - Dusk
  • Woods Cove (Half):  6:00am - Dusk
  • Colby (Half): 6:00am - Dusk