The Covenants Department is responsible for enforcing the protective covenants which are found in the Association Covenants By-Laws and Articles. It helps protect property value through fair and consistent enforcement of the protective covenants regarding individually owned lots. It also assists the Architectural Committee with review of proposed exterior alterations.

This department oversees single family detached and townhome properties. It does not oversee apartments, condominiums or commercial properties, with the exception of large scale architectural changes. For assistance with those properties, please contact the responsible property manager. 

Property Maintenance

Residents who are part of a Homeowners Association in the Commonwealth of Virginia are required to abide by the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act (POA). Part of this process involves the acquisition of a POA Disclosure Packet in the process of buying or selling a home. Along with some other important information, this packet discloses any open property violation details that become the purchaser’s responsibility.

Properties must be continually refreshed including, but not limited to, removal of discoloration, fresh paint, replacement and repair of elements and other general tasks such as regular yard maintenance. The diligence of owners in performing these tasks helps ensure the aesthetic beauty of Lake Ridge and contributes to the overall property values. Through the review of proposed exterior alterations, performance of inspections for sale disclosure packets, investigation of resident concerns and regular observation, staff strives to ensure fair and consistent enforcement. Voluntary compliance through communication of the protective covenants is a goal of the department.

Properties which are not maintained in good condition or which have unapproved exterior alterations can negatively impact surrounding property values. Therefore, staff will take owners with violations through the enforcement process:

Violation Letters

If your property has a violation, you will receive a letter in the mail with the details of the violation(s). If you have any questions, please contact the Covenants Department.

The next steps of the enforcement process involve re-inspections and eventual placement on a Property Owners’ Act (POA) hearing agenda. At this hearing, an assessment of charges may be authorized by the Lake Ridge Board of Directors in the amount of $10/day for up to 90 days.

Contact Us

Please contact the Covenants Department via email at, fax 703-497-7145 or call 703-491-2154 with any questions, such as confusion about a violation letter. We look forward to working with owners to accomplish the mutual goal of enhanced property values.