Survey Committee

The Survey Committee was an ad hoc (temporary) committee formed in 2019 to develop a survey gathering comments and feedback from Lake Ridge residents. Information from the survey will be used to:

  • Improve Homeowner services at all levels
  • Increase community collaboration
  • Promote discussion regarding integrated services and experiences

The survey was sent out to Homeowners in the Lake Ridge Today Magazine in October 2019. Homeowners were asked to fill out the survey in the magazine and return in the envelope provided or take the survey online by December 4th of 2019. The survey was presented to the Board of Directors at the January 4, 2020 board meeting by FieldGoals.US. Martha Nelson, Committee Chair, will also present the survey at the Annual Meeting of the Membership on February 11, 2020.

2019 Community Survey Results

Thank you for participating in the Lake Ridge Association Survey! The Survey Committee composed of Ruby Arthur, Kris Blanchette, Brodie Freer and Sharon Richardson worked with FieldGoals.US, to develop questions to make residents aware of the amenities and programs currently available, determine the interest and usage of those amenities, and to identify changes to meet the future needs of our community.

Responses to the survey were confidential. FieldGoals.US, a small, diversified business that provides research and consulting services to associations, communities, townships and municipalities, received and compiled the survey results. FieldGoals.US briefed the Board and community on the survey results at the January 14th Board of Directors meeting.

Attached are the results of the survey! Thank you for the widespread participation and for taking the time to engage in this important community collaboration.

- Martha Nelson, Survey Committee Chair

Below are posted the results of the survey.

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