Private Community Center Rentals

Lake Ridge Association offers 2 community centers exclusively to Members of the Association. Weekend dates tend to book 3+ months in advance, so check availability early to reserve a space!

  1. Tall Oaks (TOCC)
  2. Canterbury Woods (CWCC)
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Availability Calendar

Review the calendar for an opening on your preferred date. If there is a listing there already, that means it is has been booked.

Rental Details

Rental Fee

The rental fee is due up front at the time of your booking appointment. Set-up and clean-up time is included in rental time frame.

 Rental Type
(Mon-Thu only,
 Proof Required)
$25 hour / 
$100 max


  • Both centers are about 1,300 sq.ft.
  • Maximum Capacity of 75 people

Tables & Chairs

  • Tall Oaks:
    • 10 folding tables (6ft. long, rectangular) included for setup
    • 63 green banquet chairs, 12 black padded folding chairs included for setup
  • Canterbury Woods
    • 10 folding tables (6ft. long, rectangular) included for setup
    • 75 black padded folding chairs included for setup


  • Tall Oaks: Tall Oaks Guest, No Password
  • Canterbury Woods: CWCC Guest, CWCC22192#


See Rental Conditions for full details of the agreed upon responsibilities of the Renter (reviewed at booking appointment).

Security Deposit

Separate from the rental fee, a $300 security deposit is due the business day before your event in exchange for the key. This must be in the form of check / money order (“payable to” left blank), no cash accepted. If the key is returned on time and there is no breach of contract post-inspection, this check is shredded.

How Do I Reserve a Center?

  1. Request Appointment: See calendar above for availability, and submit the request (button below) for the available date desired. Requests must be made 2 weeks in advance. Your Lake Ridge property must be in good standing, and Tenants must be registered and given right of use to amenities. Recreation will reply within 2 business days with an appointment offer based on availability. 
  2. Confirm Appointment:  Appointments are held on Wednesdays to fill out a rental contract in person with staff. When an appointment time is offered, the requested date is held for 2 days for you as the resident to confirm attendance; if no reply email is received from you, the request will be deleted and date offered to others.
  3. Fill out Contract + Pay Rental Fee:  At the confirmed appointment (for residents named on request only), proof of residency within the Association must be shown (ID, current bill, etc.). Recreation Staff will go over details of the contract to be completed and signed and take rental fee payment to reserve the date. Renter will receive a copy of the contract to reference for rental and key pickup details.

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Can I View a Center In Person?

Association members can check out a key from the Association Office to view a center by leaving their ID or a debit/credit card with the Recreation department.

Call 703-491-2154 to confirm viewing hours in the event that an afternoon meeting or event has been scheduled during the week. Center are usually available to view between 12:00pm-4:00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

How Do I Cancel or Reschedule My Event?


Tall Oaks      


Canterbury Woods