Trash Service

Trash Pickup

Disposal Services, LLC

Phone: 703-441-1111


Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

Mailing: P.O. Box 1134

Location: 17956 Colonial Port Rd, Dumfries VA

Subdivision Sponsorship

The Association sponsors trash service for subdivisions who have successfully completed the trash petition/ballot process. Association-sponsored trash is included in the assessment fee of those street/subdivisions listed in the Trash Schedule

If your subdivision does not have Association-sponsored trash service, please contact a local vendor to procure trash service for your property.

Holidays & Closings

Services will not be offered on Independence Day (July 4), Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Both trash and recycling pick up will be made on your next scheduled collection day after the holiday.

Inclement Weather

The trash service will make a determination if they are able to pick up during inclement weather. Both trash and recycling pick up will be made on your next scheduled collection day once roads are safe.


For updates on county recycling changes, visit PWC Recycling.

*Gloves and masks should NOT be placed in recycling bins.

Townhome Trash Containers

  • Trash left in plastic bags is no longer accepted.
  • LRPRA’s contract with Disposal Services LLC. provided one trash container to each home. 
  • You may use any trash container for trash collection. Should the provided trash container not be suitable to your needs due to size, you may use any personally purchased trash container of your choosing, given that it has a closable lid. 
  • To continue using a personal trash container, please call or email Disposal Services and the provided container will be collected.
  • To have an old trash container disposed, please label the old container with a note saying “trash” and put it out with your trash for collection.
  • Neither Disposal Services LLC. nor LRPRA are responsible for replacement of lost, destroyed, or stolen containers.
  • Per LRPRA governing documents, trash containers must not be left out or in plain sight on days when there is no scheduled trash collection.

Pick Up

Please make sure that your trash and recyclables are out on the curb the night before your pick up day (after sundown) or by 5:00am the morning of your pick up day.

Bulk Items

The assessment fee for Association-sponsored subdivisions allows for the trash service to pick up one rollaway cart and one recycle bin per home on each pick up day. 

For more than the allowed amount, call to schedule a bulk pick up in advance. Inquire about acceptable items.

Please remember that leaving bulk items household items, and excessive amounts of trash in common areas around Lake Ridge is considered illegal dumping and fines will be issued. If you do not have a pick up scheduled by the trash service, the items should stay in your home until the scheduled date. If you see a resident violating these rules, you may contact LRPRA and your information will be kept in strict confidence. Please help LRPRA continue to be a clean and safe environment for its residents.

Yard Waste

Refer to Rules & Regulations for full details. Please remember the following rules when leaving yard waste out: 

  • All grass, leaves and flower bushes must be placed in a covered trash can/compostable paper bag marked "Yard Waste Only" and then placed on curb. Wednesday is Yard Waste pick-up only day for all Lake Ridge residents.
  • Bushes or limbs up to 3 inches in diameter, are to be tied up into 3-4 ft. lengths. 
  • Brush with thorns must be neatly tied up or cut up in 3-4 foot lengths and put in a trash can not to exceed the height of the trash can.


For complaints or concerns regarding your trash collection, please contact Disposal Services directly.