Snow Plowing

VDOT Roads

Single-family homes located on streets dedicated to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) should refer all plowing requests to the VDOT offices at 800-367-7623. Condo and apartment residents should contact their respective property management company for service. In case of an emergency situation, please call the Prince William County Police at 703-792-6500.

Private Roads

Once approximately 2 inches of snow has fallen or at the discretion of management, snow plowing will proceed in order to provide a pathway over which vehicles may travel. Townhome areas are difficult to plow because of the close proximity of vehicles and lack of areas to pile snow. Every reasonable effort will be made to push the snow into appropriate overflow areas. Please do not leave your vehicles in such a manner as to block access to your street.

The first time the plow trucks drive through the Association private streets, they will primarily work on clearing entrances, exits and a single travel lane for residents and emergency vehicles. Subsequent plowing will take place during the storm to maintain a reasonable access. A final removal will take place to widen roadways where possible at the end of the storm. Every effort is made to avoid leaving snow ridges behind parked cars, but please understand that a certain amount of snow will unavoidably be left along the rear of parked cars.

The Association has contracted with BHHIC for snow services. They are responsible for clearing private roads owned by the Association.

Sanding will be performed as necessary after plowing or as needed during ice storm conditions. Hills, curves and intersections will receive top priority.


Do not allow children to play on or behind snow piles while plowing and sanding is in progress.

Please use caution when using sidewalks or steps. Due to the magnitude of the task, the Association does not clear snow or ice from common ground sidewalks, steps or mailbox areas. We ask Association Members to assist by keeping fire hydrants, mailboxes and storm sewer inlets clear if possible.

Associated Streets

The Association contracts with BHHIC to clear private roads owned by the Association. Plowing costs are included in the reserve assessments for all townhome subdivisions (excluding Aegean Terrace) and those subdivisions and their associated streets listed in the chart below:


Brookemeade Aviary Way
Condor Lane
Golden Eagle Court
Waters End Trail (3525) (S/F)
Cascades Treehouse Drive (2546-2601)
Christopher's Cove Bridgeton Court
Hill Meade Lane
Mohican Road (11577-11590)
Fairfield Cave Court
Halquist Heights Choctaw Ridge
Tecumseh Court
Hawthorne Conquest Court
Monarch Court
Pepperidge Court
Koury Tipton T/H Critton Circle (11800-11866)
Koury Tipton S/F Home Guard Drive (11962-11991)
Lakeview Doverhill Court
Landings I Melcombe Court
Weymouth Court
Landings II Corcyra Court
Cullers Court
Greco Court
Shearwater Court
Palisades Treehouse Drive S/F
Peabody Square Ashby Court
Caledonia Circle
Presidio Way
Pinewood Forest Forest Hill Road (12395) (S/F)
Forest Hill Road (12542-12556)
Fox Ridge Court
Merrywood Court
Promontory Place I Arrowhead Court
Foothill Street (3200-3212) (Even Numbers)
Foothill Street (3214-3264)
Promontory Place II Beaverwood Place
Foothill Street (3201-3213) (Odd Numbers)
Narrow Glen Way
Stoneford Drive (12100-12125)
Winona Drive
Promontory Woods Bromley Court
Dunleigh Court
Overleigh Court
Pulte I Burgundy Place (2900-2923)
Madeira Court (2900-2944)
Marsala Court (2900-2958)
Pulte II Harvard Street
Ivy League Court
Princeton Street
Vanderbilt Court
Yale Court
Pulte III Allspice Court
Nutmeg Court
Pulte IV Arabian Place (12270-12293)
Dapple Gray Court (12260-12300)
Granada Way
Pulte Carriage Homes II Holly View Drive
Ridgeleigh I Gascony Place
Nates Place
Ridgeleigh II Bracknell Drive
Cherborg Court
Limoux Place
Ridgeleigh III Tonbridge Place
Ridgeleigh IV Clore Place
Tolson Place (11708-11765)
Ridgeleigh V Barrows Lane
Batley Place
La Harve Place
Ridgeleigh VI Bertram Street
Blysdale Lane
Brickert Place
Ridgeleigh VII Hartlake Street
Nellings Place
Rumford Court
Ridgeleigh VIII Amara Place
Koval Lane
Tolson Place (11582-11600)
Salem Towns Old Salem Court
Salemtown Drive
Salemway Court
Springwoods Drive
Shires Lexington Court
Marlboro Court
Woodlawn Court
Stonegate Cromwell Court
Edgemoor Court
Stoneridge Stallion Court
Villages Marquis Place (3840-3924)
Vistas Collingwood Drive
Critton Circle (11702-11718) (Even Numbers)
Waterside Critton Circle (11701-11715) (Odd Numbers)
Wildwood I Chickasaw Court
Creel Court
Seminole Road (3011-3049) (Odd Numbers)
                          (3022-3068) (Even Numbers)
Wildwood II Antietam Road (12301-12329)
Aztec Place
Seminole Road (2839-2954)
Wildwood III Cardamom Drive (12230-12246)
Cinnamon Street
Thyme Lane
Woodmark Andover Court
Cambridge Drive
Oakwood Drive (12492,12494,12496,12498)