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Our Philosophy

At Lake Ridge Creative Preschool, we firmly believe that every child is an individual and the emphasis is on his or her physical, social and intellectual development.

We are a local, community-based, non-religious program, providing a quality learning environment that will help your child being to realize his or her own potential.

It is our goal that the daily activities your child is involved in will bring growth and promote a positive attitude, personally and in relationships with others.

How do we stand out among the other programs in the area?

Great Reputation

From our small beginnings as a "Mother’s Day Out" program in the early 1990’s, we continued to grow until we were established as a licensed Child Day Center in 1998. We have been a community staple these 20+ years, and have provided many families with wonderful memories and fully equipped 3-4 year olds with the skills to enter Kindergarten with ease.

Community Focused, Non-Religious

Unique in the area, we are a non-religious program that is for the Lake Ridge community. Families have more opportunity to build relationships with neighbors who may be right down the street!

State-Licensed Program

We are licensed as a Child Day Center through the Virginia Department of Social Services. This means we abide by strict regulations, including federal and state background checks, CPR certification, First Aid, state inspections and ongoing training and education in the field of childcare. We believe in the necessity of providing a safe and healthy environment for our students.

Competitively Priced

As we regularly and carefully compare our prices with other local childcare institutions, we make it a point to keep costs fair to keep up with facility needs and growth while remaining a community focused program.

Low Teacher-Student Ratio

At 1:8, our low teacher-student ratio gives each child the attention and support needed to reach his or her highest potential.

Includes lunchtime

Lunch time for our preschoolers allows them to enjoy the socialization of a meal together over their their packed lunches as well as the opportunity to learn table manners. Other childcare institutions charge an extra fee for this time, but it included in our daily routine.

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Association Sponsorship

The Lake Ridge Creative Preschool is one of the programs sponsored by the Lake Ridge Association through the Recreation Department. Registration, tuition payments and file updates are processed through this department. The Creative Preschool makes use of the Association’s pools, playgrounds and community centers as a result of this relationship.


12350 Oakwood Drive (On the Hill next to Lake Ridge Office)

Teaching Staff

Good teachers make a difference in a child’s life. We strive to make a positive difference. There is a lead teacher in each class as well as teacher assistant and aides. Lead teachers commonly have a bachelor or masters degree in early childhood education, child development, or in elementary education with emphasis in early childhood education. Lead teachers must have had experience working with young children in developmentally appropriate school setting. A degree in education or related field is preferred for assistant teachers, as is experience with young children in a classroom setting.

Background Check

All teachers undergo criminal background checks upon hiring. Staff is also required to provide result of tuberculosis testing every two years. All staff is trained in CPR and First Aid. Instructors are required to attend nine hours of related education classes on a yearly basis.

Social Services1

State Licensure Details

The Lake Ridge Creative Preschool is a licensed Child Day Center. This is a significant achievement as we are held to a very high standard of compliance with state regulations, including:

  • Federal and State Background Checks 
  • Current First Aid and CPR Training
  • Building Upkeep
  • On-going Education and Training in the field of Childcare

You can find more detailed information on the Virginia Department of Social Services website under Child Day Centers.


Program Questions

Preschool Director, Deanna York

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Registration + Payment Questions

Lake Ridge Association, Recreation Department

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