Little Free Library

As of June 2019, the Lake Ridge Association has opened its first Little Free Library!

Situated near the Association’s office building (12350 Oakwood Drive) and the Creative Preschool is a small structure resembling a birdhouse. And while it might not look like a library, this little building is actually part of the Little Free Library (LFL) system – the world’s largest grassroots book-sharing network.

Knowing that they wanted to put their club dues to good use as well as sharing their love of reading, the Lake Ridge Cover-to-Cover Book Club contacted the LFL office, bought a library structure and at a June 17, 2019 ribbon ceremony dedicated the structure to the Lake Ridge community. Like other public book exchanges, anyone can take a book to read and/or leave one for someone else.

We encourage Homeowners to drop by the LFL located at the beginning of the path leading up to the Creative Preschool. Donated books can be left at the LFL or in the office if the library is too full. Staff will store the book until there is room available in the library.

The Association is hopeful that we can place even more throughout the community.

litte free library logo

During the fall of 2020, a second Little Free Library was donated to the community by a generous family who has been part of LRPRA for over 30 years. The process of receiving the library structure, installing, and registering this was smoothly completed by the donating family, the LRPRA Facilities Department, and the LRPRA Administration Department. With our combined efforts we were able to bring this Little Free Library into existence for all of LRPRA to enjoy (See photos below). 

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