Parking & Towing

The Association has established a Parking Management Plan for our private streets that provides residents the ability to resolve most parking situations in a timely manner. 

Overflow Parking

Overflow parking spaces (unassigned spaces in townhome lots) are intended for temporary use. Ideally, this provides a convenient place for visitors to park. These spaces are not intended for long-term storage of extra vehicles. If you have more vehicles than you have assigned spaces, please make arrangements to park those vehicles on the nearest public street with allowed parking. Your neighbors will appreciate it! 

Towing Specifications

Signs have been posted at the entrances/exits of private roads owned by the Association stating whom residents/visitors may contact for towing service or retrieval of vehicles, but listed below is a specific breakdown for easy reference. Any vehicle, whether commercially or privately owned, may be towed for any of these towing specifications.

In order to tow, the house number (not lot number) must be on the parking space; the resident who calls the towing company must sign for the tow. The owner of the improperly parked vehicle is financially responsible for towing costs. Residents who report vehicles for towing will be financially liable if their tow request is inappropriate (i.e. calling tow company when a moving van is temporarily blocking space, towing vehicle belonging to resident in same household as person calling for tow, etc.).

Redman Fleet Services | 703-670-7177

  • Assigned spaces - Assigned parking spaces are intended for the exclusive use of the owner of that lot and their guests. If someone parks in your assigned space without your permission, you may call the towing service to have their vehicle towed. We strongly suggest that you first ask them to move their vehicle from your space. This applies to:
    • A vehicle that is parked in a parking space assigned to a specific townhome without the permission of that townhome resident. The townhome resident to whom the parking space is assigned is the only individual that may give the towing company authority to tow the unauthorized vehicle that is parked in his/her assigned parking space.
    • A vehicle that is parked in such a manner as to prohibit access to another home's assigned parking space(s) or private driveway. The resident of the home whose private drive or parking space is impeded is the only individual that may give the towing company authority to tow the vehicle.

Lake Ridge Association | 703-491-2154

 ext. 107 or 103

  • No Parking areas, yellow curbs, common area ground - Please be mindful of No Parking areas/yellow curbs on Association streets. Parking in these areas is not allowed and may result in your vehicle being tagged and towed.
  • Expired license plates, flat tires, excessive body damage - Vehicles with expired license plates, flat tires, and/or excessive body damage parked on Association streets may be tagged and towed, even if they are in your assigned parking space.

ext. 105 or 108

  • Commercial and recreational vehicles (boats and trailers) - Commercial and recreational vehicles are not allowed on Association streets and may be tagged and towed.

PWC Police Department | 703-792-6500

  • Impeding traffic or sight lines - If a vehicle is impeding traffic or sight lines, it can be immediately towed if improperly parked on an Association street. These areas may be changed or added as the need arises, therefore it is important to watch for these when you park.
  • Parking too close to stop sign, double parking, improper tag/license - Residents may call the Police Department to have vehicles ticketed on private roadways that violate PWC ordinances (Section 13-277) such as parking too close to a stop sign, double parking in the roadway (i.e. parked directly behind a vehicle parked in a parking space), or being improperly tagged or licensed. Ticketing is subject to the Police Department's caseload prioritization and the police officer's discretion.