Pool Access

Summer 2021 - New System

Register for CellBadge on March 1

No longer will Lake Ridge Members have to keep track of plastic membership cards! Residents can now register with CellBadge, an online simplified pool access system for contactless check-in. No more visits to the Office or waiting for validation stickers each year-- household account status will be updated online. Residents who have completed CellBadge registration for their households can enter the pool as long as they are in good standing (no account balance or open violations) and Tenant Registration has been completed for Renters.

The link to register your household will be shared in a Special News Flash on March 1st. To sign up to receive these emails, enter your email address and select Weekly News Flash.



Registration for pool access is required for all residents over the age of 2 years to be admitted to the pools. Follow CellBadge registration instructions below, allowing 2 weeks for processing:

*Instructions & Link to CellBadge coming March 1st*


  • Access will be suspended by the Administration Office for households that are not in good standing (account balance or open violations) or Tenants who have not been registered with the Association. 
  • Access will be suspended by Lifeguards if Pool Rules are not followed. The length of suspension time will be determined by the Recreation Director to be discussed with offenders and/or the guardians of minors.

Prerequisites for Pool Access Approval

Is your property in GOOD STANDING with the Association?

Properties must be in good standing in order to have amenities requests fulfilled. Exterior property violations must be resolved and cleared by Covenants and assessment payments must be received by Finance by their due date (1st of the month) to have a clear account balance. The Association will only disclose details regarding to the status of the property account to Property Owners.

*Has the most up-to-date TENANT REGISTRATION been completed?

*Applies to Homeowners Renting Out Property and to Tenants (Renters):

Before proceeding to register for pool access, Homeowners must register Tenants with the Association via the Tenant Registration process. Right of use to amenities must be delegated, either to be kept by Homeowner or given to Tenants. If given to Tenants, only those names submitted on the Tenant Registration Form can access amenities. An updated lease extension/addendum proving current residency can be emailed to Administration to be added to the previously completed Tenant Registration file with no additional administration fee charged.

Do you have PROOF OF RESIDENCY for each member?

Residents registering for pool access may be asked to provide one of the following items of documentation to prove residency within the Association for Adults or relation to a residing member for Minors:

Options for Adults (18+)
- Driver’s License / ID Card
- Current Payroll Check / Stub
- Current Bill
- Current Bank Statement
- Settlement Paperwork
- Listed on Lease (for Tenants only)
Options for Minors
- Birth Certificate / Passport
- Medical / Insurance Card
- Custody Paperwork
- Military ID
- Driver’s License / ID Card
- Bank Statement
- Listed on Lease (for Tenants only)