2022 Board of Directors Election

Board of Directors_Meet the Candidates

The Board of Directors is composed of nine volunteers who are elected to serve a three-year term. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Administration, Melissa Ferrone.

2022 Elected Members

Left to Right: Jack Bisase, Michael Butler (re-elected), John Maher

Newly Elected Board Members 2022

Meet the Candidates

Ballot Information

Online Voting Only (No Paper)

To vote, have ready your unique Voter Registration Code. If you have an email registered with LRPRA, you will receive an email on January 4, 2022 from Elections@vote-now.com with the title of: "LRPRA Ballot". If you have a registered email and have not received the LRPRA Ballot after this date, please check your spam folder.

Voting Opens: 12:00am, January 4

Voting Closes: 12:00pm, February 8

Lake Ridge must receive a quorum of 10% for a viable election. Your vote counts!

2022 Election Timeline

September 2, 2021The Nominating Meeting will have their first meeting.
October 1, 2021Candidate Application available online and by email request. Information will be posted to our Weekly News Flash email.
November 4, 2021Candidate applications due by 5:00pm.
November 5, 2021Covenants and Finance departments will conduct a review of candidates. Candidates will be instructed to correct any violations/settle financial obligations.
November 15, 2021Covenants and Finance departments will check that all candidates are in good standing.
November 18, 2021The Nominating Committee will hold a meeting at 7:00pm. Qualified Candidate slate will be presented to the Board. Candidate briefings will be virtual.
December 1, 2021The January/February edition of the Lake Ridge Today Magazine will include Candidate bios and information on the upcoming Meet the Candidates Night.
December 9, 2021The Nominating Committee will hold a meeting at 7:00pm.
January 4, 2022Online voting begins at 12:00am. Meet the Candidates Night will be held at Tall Oaks at 7:30pm and via electronic conferencing software.
February 8, 2022Online voting ends at 12:00pm. The Annual Meeting of the Membership will begin at 8:00pm. Homeowners may also vote at the meeting, where election results will be announced.