Why might an application be denied?

If the proposed alteration is not architecturally or aesthetically appropriate for the lot, encroaches on neighboring property, is too large or conspicuous, is not in conformance with the Architectural Guidelines or is deemed to be an inappropriate material or color it may be denied. The AC may make exceptions for corner and pipe stem lots and lots with unique topography.

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1. What requires approval?
2. What if I’m only replacing what I have?
3. Why should I go through the process of getting approval and not just do it?
4. How do I apply for an exterior change?
5. When will I get the AC decision?
6. What can be reviewed by Covenants staff and what must be reviewed by the AC?
7. Why might an application be denied?
8. How do I appeal a decision?
9. How long is a decision valid?
10. Where is the list of items and colors approved for my house?