Why were you taking photos of my house?

Compliance Inspections - Covenants Department staff perform inspections to check for compliance with the Lake Ridge Association governing documents. These inspections may be the result of a requested sale disclosure packet, a resident concern, a neighborhood inspection, something which staff noticed while in the neighborhood or review of an Architectural Committee application.

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1. Is there a list of pre-approved items and colors for my house?
2. Does the Association recommend contractors?
3. Why were you taking photos of my house?
4. Can I see the photos you took of my house?
5. What if I don’t want you on my property?
6. Once I have completed repairs/changes from a violation letter, what do I do?
7. What happens if I don’t fix the violations?
8. What if I need more time?
9. Does the Covenants Department handle criminal or county matters such as overcrowding or damaged property?